Thursday, August 20, 2015

New Music New Update!

A lot of time has passed since my last blog. Thank you to each of you that have been keeping up to date and following me on Twitter and YouTube.

I've had the pleasure of working alongside so many fantastic musicians while at Berklee and have collaborated and played in so many fantastic recording sessions and concerts. Many can be seen on YouTube (links below).

I'm in my 4th year at Berklee and have 1 more year to go as I round up my dual major in Performance/Contemporary Writing & Production. I've a lot of great new music (from classical to jazz and contemporary) that I would love to share with you (see below) that I've composed and arranged while there these past 3+ years and a new video I finished up recently!

My latest project is one I couldn't be more excited about! I've always been a huge admirer of guitar virtuosity and guitarist Eric Johnson is certainly quite the virtuoso. I welcomed the challenge to apply that virtuosity to the cello with his Cliff's of Dover tune (a challenging task any string musician can testify to, and one I not only welcomed but was excited to tackle personally and as a musician to show you what I not only love doing, but can do). A huge thank you to friends and fantastic fellow Berklee alumni/musicians Alejandro Espinosa on bass and Joe Miller on drums and Mamasoto Design & Media for the awesome video! Enjoy and please do share!

Cliff's of Dover - Cello Cover

My Music

A variety of music from classical to jazz and contemporary I've composed and arranged. To hear more be sure to go to my Soundcloud page and add me!

Other Projects

Some projects I've had the privilege and honor to play in, all fabulous musicians!

RTX'15 /Video Game Orchestra - Had the pleasure of playing with the VGO at RTX Austin this year.

Sonidos Bolivianos - Project by Bolivian artist and Berklee student Luis Gamara - a very special project and arrangement of the Bolivian national anthem.

The Dreamer - Project by French singer/songwriter and Berklee alumni Laure Z

007 - Project by French singer/songwriter and Berklee alumni Laure Z

Josh Shpak Band - Privilege and honor to play alongside Berklee alumni Josh Shpak for his senior recital along with jazz renowned tenor saxophonist George Garzone
Love Never Felt So Good - Project by Berklee alumni/pianist Giorgi Mikadzi

Marvin Gaye Tribute Concert - Project by Berklee College of Music's BCSO (Berklee Contemporary Symphony Orchestra) conducted by Miguel Atwood-Furgeson, featuring artists Aloe Blacc, Bilal and Chris Turner

The Song About the Movie That I'm Desperately Trying to Cast - Project by Berklee singer/songwriter Duncan Johnson

Ryo Konishi - Holiday music project by Berklee Jazz composer, musician and alumni Ryo Konishi who I had the honor of playing alongside in his chamber jazz band.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lotsa catching up....'s that time again as I've been away a while.
I've been quite busy, with finishing up school (graduated in June), and preparing for college. Exciting times. So much going on and so much has happened. I've included an album of all the latest photos.

As Spring came around after the Winter break it was a roller coaster of events and concerts.
I was so proud and thrilled to find out that soon after graduation I received word I'd been awarded the Texas UIL Solo and Ensemble's Outstanding Soloist Performer award yet again! Getting it twice doesn't happen very you can imagine how happy I was and humbled.

Before I jump ahead let me just say what a fantastic time and concert was had this year at Texas All State Philharmonic! Conducted by USC's great Larry Livingston this  concert was probably one of the best one's I've ever had the honor of playing in and the audience experience was quite the same! The music selections were simply outstanding! (You can watch them all below. I'm 3rd chair cello)

In May I had the honor to play in my final concert with the Virtuosi of Houston. I have had the joy of playing with this organization for 5 years and served as the co-principal cellist this past year. I love this organization and am forever indebted to them for all the wonderful music experiences/training and opportunities they provided me, not to mention the lifelong friendships I developed. I will miss actively playing in this orchestra, but look forward to the future and perhaps them playing one of my pieces one day! The end of the year gala was literally a royal and beautiful event. We were honored with the presence of His Royal Highness Alexander Crown Prince of Serbia and Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Katherine of Serbia. They are absoultely the most HUMBLE, FRIENDLIEST, DOWN TO EARTH people I've ever met and are a treasure to their country and the many causes they represent. I was so happy and blessed to meet them and have played for them.

I also received a scholarship from my orchestra which meant a lot to me as this scholarship is in honor of my dear friend and fellow cello/stand partner for many years Juan Gomez (the Juan Gomez Memorial Scholarship) who passed away in 2010 from cancer. I was beyond moved to receive this. His family has been so supportive of my musical journey for many years. I also received a scholarship from Berklee College of Music where I will be attending very soon majoring in composition and performance. I am ready to get busy making music innovation and history!  I can't wait. I have also been crazy busy transcribing/transposing a lot of music for friends, musicians, and myself. On the classical end I've transcribed a few greats that I will be sharing with you soon, while on the contemporary side, I've been having a great time transcribing lots of music by Muse and The Strokes, so be on the lookout!

Soon after graduation I had my senior recital. You can see the video below.


Music selections:
•Nabucco Overture
•Saturn from the Planets
•Mahlers Ressurection Symphony.

Shostakovich's Cello Sonata in D Minor 2nd Mvmt with my friend and such a talented pianist, Yilin Zhao.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Good Game

So, as you may know, I have made a bunch of new electronic songs and added them to the electronic music player on my music page! :D I have taken the liberty to name the group (my self-proclaimed album) Good Game (GG). I have also decided it needed a cool album cover as well! :D Go check out the musicz!